Yakovlev  Yak-3M “MAX Replica”

Yak 3 b 2Introduced in 1944, the Yak-2 was a Soviet fighter aircraft.  It was lighter and smaller than most fighters, and it was regarded by some as superior to the Spitfire and Mustang for pure dogfighting ability due to its’ high power-to-weight ratio. 
Several combat engagements between numerically superior German planes and Yaks led to a Luftwaffe command to “avoid combat with Yak fighters …” because as many as 15 Germans were shot down for each  Yak lost.
The museum’s Yak-3 is a rare case among warbirds.  In 1991 Yakovlev used original parts and dies to build, new, a number of Yak-3 replicas which were given the suffix “M” to distinguish them from original production models.  The “M” model is largely different from original models in it’s use of the Allison engine.

Country: Russia

Manufacturer: Yakovlev

Engine: Klimov VK-105

Horsepower: 1,300 hp

Max Speed:407 mph

Weight: 5,864 lbs

Ceiling: 35,000 feet

Crew: One

Armament: 1 x 20 cannon, 2 x 12.7mm MGs

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