PBY-5A  “Catalina”

PBY TV 140x94The Catalina was an American flying boat of 1930’s design that was one of the most widely used, multi-role, designs of the war.  It served in military branches as an observation, night attack, maritime patrol, bomber, air-sea rescue, and anti-submarine aircraft. 
The Catalina’s outstanding range and endurance made her the key element in the destruction of the German battleship Bismarck and the Japanese fleet at the Battle of Midway, where a Catalina also rescued the sole survivor of Torpedo Squadron Eight, Ensign George Gay.
MAM’s “Cat” was accepted in October of 1943, and had an extensive career that took her to San Diego, Norfolk, French Morocco, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, and the  Azores, but her civilian career was far more interesting.

Country: USA

Manufacturer: Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co.

Engine: Two Pratt & Whitney 1830-92

Horsepower: 1,200 hp each

Max Speed: 196mph

Weight: 35,420 lbs

Ceiling: 16,000 feet

Range: 2,300 miles

Wing Span: 104′

Length: 63′ 10″

Crew: 15

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