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Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Centura College, and Tidewater Tech Trades

The Fighter Factory is part of the Aircraft Discovery Division of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, a leading aircraft mechanic school with headquarters in Virginia Beach. The Aviation Institute of Maintenance is one of four schools located in the United States. The other schools are Centura College, Centura Institute, and Tidewater Tech.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance
This school is an FAA Approved institute that offers ACCSC accredited programs in Duluth Georgia, Irving Texas, Indianapolis Indiana, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Chesapeake Virginia, Orlando Florida, Oakland California, Las Vegas Nevada, and Houston Texas.

Centura College & Centura Institute
Our Centura schools offer programs in allied health, business, Criminal, legal, computer networking and HVAC. Location of these campuses include Orlando Florida, Charleston, and Columbia South Carolina, and in Virginia, Alexandria, Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach. In addition our Virginia Beach campus offers online programs available worldwide.

Tidewater Tech
Tidewater Tech is a trade school offering vocational programs in welding, auto mechanic, building repair and HVAC. This school is located in Norfolk Virginia with programs accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE).

Further Information about Our Schools
For further information on our schools, please follow the links below.
Centura College
Tidewater Tech
Centura Institute
Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Fighter Factory operates and mainatins many WWII & WWI flying military aircraft including:

Fighters | Bombers | Trainers |Liaison & Other historical Military antiques

Spitfire | P-51 Mustang | Hawker Hurricane | TMB Avenger | P-40 Curtiss | PBY Catalina | FG-1D | SNJ-2 | T28-D | Corsair | Polikarpov PO-2 | Polikarpov I-15bis | Polikarpov I-16 Rata | Polikarpov I-163 | YAK | A-26 Invader | Junkers JU-52 | Sopwith Strutter | Tiger Moth DH-82A | SPAD SXIII | FM-2 Wildcat | Stearman N2S-3 | AD-4 Skyraider | Alabtros D.Va | Beechcraft T-34B | Bell P-63 | Bleriot X1 | Peashooter P26-D | Jungmeister 133C | Chipmunk DGC-1 | WACO YMF-5 | V1 Flying Bomb | Focke Wolfe FW-44J | Fokker Tri-Planes | Fokker Bi-Planes | Halberstadt | TG-4A | Russian LA-9 | Nieuport model 11 |

The above list is incomplete and we have more aircraft available at the museum


Fighter Factory – 1341 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23457

About Us

Fighter Factory

is the restoration & maintenance & facility for the
Military Aviation Museum.

military aviation museum

The new hangar was recently built in April 2011 on the grounds of the Virginia Beach Airport adjacent to the Museum

military aviation museum

We employ a team of 15 highly skilled and experienced aviation technicians to ensure our aircraft remain safely in flight operational status. Meeting all FAA standards as required

Restoration Work

In addition to aircraft maintenance, Fighter Factory staff are also involved in much of the aircraft restoration projects, either on-site or at remote locations.

flight check

Whenever new aircraft are acquired for the museum it is the responsibility of Fighter Factory staff to become technically proficient and knowledgeable in that particular aircraft. To ensure flight safety for pilots & ground crew

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